Our Mission

Respect. Appreciation. Compassion.

“A day of sharing and giving each other gifts of love. A day to forgive. A day to heal. A day to rejoice. A day to be grateful and thankful to each other. A day to remember the souls who have given so to us and have made us of what we are.” -Michael Villalpando, founder of The Petition for a National Compassion Holiday Life is a fleeting gift, and the notion of “tomorrow” brings a constant state of wonder and possibility. For those lucky enough to witness generation upon generation, “tomorrow” has eventually become “today” – and “today” brings us a society that is faster and busier than ever before. Have you ever paused to honor the Elder generation that helped shape your world, your culture, and yourself? Have you ever stopped to appreciate how difficult life can be for Disabled citizens? It’s certainly difficult to with the constant demands of today’s society. The mission of the National Compassion Holiday is to create a federal-paid holiday that helps the country take a collective pause from its busy schedule to honor and respect these groups while encouraging compassion, education, and a volunteer spirit. Ultimately to Unite Societies, Organizations, Foundations and Religious Archetypes but truthfully to unite all Communities in the act of Compassion, Support and Service toward each other and to elevate Educational Programs to attend to our mission. Imagine parades throughout the world in recognition and COMPASSION of all groups crossing race, religion, and political lines to simple family celebrations, the National Compassion Holiday takes the time to focus less on tomorrow and more on what got us here. Please join our cause and sign the petition today.

Michael's Story

Michael Villalpando, the founder of The Petition for a National Compassion Holiday, has seen firsthand the needs and wants of the Senior and Disabled community. As a Tai Chi instructor, Michael works specifically throughout the state of California and beyond to deliver exercise, support, and respect to Retirement and Disabled communities.

"Including actively involved with Veterans and the Homeless Angels of which many of them are Senior or Disabled".

In his own words:

“During my quest in helping humanity, I have noticed that there is a great need for awareness and involvement for these communities, along with educational programs to get our young to be influenced on the realities of life. In addition there is so much we can learn from the Senior and Disabled citizens and if we do not pay attention to these citizens we will somehow keep repeating our mistakes.

I have seen that we seem to be searching for riches and fortune when we seem to have forgotten that we have always had it in ourselves. My experience in the act or my passion for compassion was the rewards of complements, hugs and kisses by Senior and Disabled individuals who are surely and truly living everyday with struggles of life.”

Please join Michael in this noble cause and sign the petition today.