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Petition to the President

of the United States and

members of

The U.S. Congress


We the people call on the U.S. Congress to establish an official federal paid holiday in honor of Compassion for Senior and Disabled Citizens, on the 15th of March. This should include a Compassion Day of service, education and awareness for community involvement, with the complement of offerings by the people of the United States toward Senior and Disabled Citizens.


Blessings Michael B. Villalpando

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You can download the poster for National Compassion Holiday and give it to others to help spread the word.


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Our Mission to help Seniors and Disabled Citizens is written out here on the Mission Page.  Go to the page and share it with all your friends online.

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Please take a look at the media page and see some of the videos we have concerning Seniors and Disabled Citizens in our communities across the country.

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If you have any suggestions or want to be a part of the community helping others.  Send an email to let us know what type of help you can give the cause.

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We  have  been Endorsed by many businesses.  We will be listing those  here on our Endorsement Page.  Click the button and visit our Endorsement Page.

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We thank those helping with our cause on our Acknowledgement Page.  See who has been helping us with our cause to bring this to everyone’s Attention.

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We want to show our love and respect to those Angels that have passed and we miss them very much.  Come visit our Dedication Page to see those Angels we miss.

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