Who founded The Petition for a National Compassion Holiday?

Michael Villalpando, a man who has devoted himself to supporting the Elder and Disabled community.

Where will this petition go?

When it achieves enough signatures, the ultimate goal is to bring it before the US House of Representatives to consider a bill. Other alternatives include generating a vote for it or getting support through local representatives and organizations.

How many signatures do you need?

100,000+ to gain attention

What can I do to help out the Senior and Disabled community?

Volunteer at a Senior center or Disabled-care facility. Call and see if they need donations. Organize with your church or neighborhood to volunteer as a group. Call your parents and grandparents and spend time with them. Anything that offers compassion and support is a step forward in our mission.

Why March 15?

In Michael’s own words: “One day I was at a hospital with my mother for lab tests (unfortunately, she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer). We were out in the hallway waiting for the hospital staff and we noticed down the hallway a nurse and an aide assisting a Disabled patient. It was a very touching and sad moment. I turned and looked at mother sitting down and said to her, ‘I hope to one day help people like that’. My mother turned to me and said, ‘Don’t worry son, we will.’ Shortly after my mother passed away. This cherished moment was on her birthday: March 15.”