National Compassion Holiday

National Compassion Holiday

Sign The Petition, Change The World

Among the many citizens of our great country, two of the most ignored groups are also some of the most in need of compassion and respect: Senior citizens and Disabled people. While some of these people receive the care and respect they deserve from friends and family, many are forgotten as they live out their lives in care homes. This website and its petition are on a mission to change that.

March 15 is the date for the proposed National Compassion Holiday. When achieved, March 15 will be a day to:

  • Encourage volunteer service to aid Senior and Disabled communities
  • Encourage donations from individuals and businesses
  • Promote respect, education, awareness and involvement toward Senior and Disabled citizens
  • Unite all people across race, religion, and politics in a new spirit of compassion and giving
  • Help the world re-evaluate what it means to be Older or Disabled in our society

Please help out today by signing the petition. It only takes a few seconds to change the world.


A New Day For Those In Need

The proposed National Compassion Holiday takes the impassioned pleas of the President of the United States– that we should devote more of ourselves to service and compassion – and it focuses on these needy groups. When the petition achieves enough signatures, it will be brought before the US House of Representatives with the ultimate goal of being discussed in the upper tiers of government.

Please take a few moments of your time to sign the petition. An entire generation – and generations to come – thanks you for your COMPASSION.